Bodybuilding mistakes for beginners and important tips
Mistakes made by players Kamal located objects and tips necessary peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon attendance daily training destroy muscle and built by:
Comfort muscle of the pillars president of the construction process of muscular construction reaches its peak in the days when the exercises to Atmars During the performance of muscular effort is the demolition of muscle fiber and not taken to build and therefore the continuation of attendance at daily training Ehllk and harbors and burn muscle so the practitioners of this sport to take a daily rest per week to Aimarsson where any effort High intramuscularly or he physically.
Carry heavy weights, even more than the carrying capacity of the muscle:
But to draw attention or thinking that increasing the size of the muscle not only be that they did not know that in this way they may be exposed to injuries, muscle or articular easily and science building muscle proper process while doing the exercise depends mainly on the included weights and proper technique and the performance of a specified number of tours and duplicates are placed under the supervision of Trainer and most likely at a rate of three rounds iterative best muscle building supplement
12-10 – 8 or 10 – 10-10 Increasing the number of tours or practice exercises per muscle and coach without following instructions grave mistake many Almtdrbeyen is the loss of equilibrium element when performing the exercises:
You see Almtdrbeyen when you get them weights heavy ones, especially shimmying and swaying sometimes after the other when standing or sitting or even when Adjallm affects negatively on the most important balance in the body element which is the backbone Mmaked lead to Tdharrh and being injured and that is possible to be shifted in the future to the disc so it’s important Here the stability and integrity back in various modes while performing any type of exercise to avoid the performance of the warm-up and stretching exercises best muscle building supplement :
Where away some of the trainees noticed about principles warm-up and stretching and cooling direct and direction exercises about muscle building exercises either to buy time or to their sense of laziness or lack of knowledge of the benefits of these exercises Vtmarin warm-up and stretching are a main pillar for creating muscle and prepared for effort and muscular physical Next commitment to its performance helps to stimulate the movement of blood circulation in the body and increases the flexibility and fitness and bearing capacity of muscle injuries are considerably less chances of muscle and getting stronger muscle necessary to end the performance of the training table does not exceed an hour and a half Duration:
Sound system training for any trainee include stretching and warm-up and cooling and muscle building exercises divided as follows warm-up exercises performed for a time period of not less than 10 minutes, stretching exercises performed for a period of time of not less than 10 minutes of muscle building exercises for a period of time not exceeding 45 minutes and exercises cooling muscle and mitigate the effects effort, which involved a period of time not less than 5 minutes stability on one training system for a period of time Zawalh best muscle building supplement :
We see some of the trainees doing the same exercises and the same tours and the same Altkart and remain in this position for a long period of time and this creates a so-called red tape and adversely affect the muscle building process Valrottien lead to boredom and feeling not to take advantage of the exercise and also may sometimes causes atrophy of the muscles. Must at all Almtdrbeyen that Aksro of Alrottien training usual at least every two months by replacing exercises usual exercises again have the same local effect on muscle Almamrth or change the order of exercises performed recklessness and avoid the performance of the muscles of the legs exercises and this widespread phenomenon strangely, she believes trainee Imrn the muscles of his body the top Fully Asttnaa the lower half of it, which is muscular legs, which hurt the weight of the weight, especially with the increase in muscle mass of the upper part of the body and result in weakness of these muscles and Mqaslha as well as the disruption of the body’s aesthetics General tips best muscle building supplement :
For beginners prefer to spare eating any food supplements for a minimum period of three months to accustom the body to build himself and not adopted from the outset on these supplements and total dependence on natural foods rich Balbrrutiat, carbohydrates and Alvitamyat companionship workout of great positive benefit and give the exerciser energy and Hamas, the largest psychological comfort health, adequate food and proper and sleep at least 8 hours a day accounts for more than 60% of the muscle building process drinking water and juices heavily during training can lead to lethargy Awantfaj abdomen Awaltbak intestinal To guard against that prefer to drink sips different between now and then not in favor of taking supplements during exercise, especially protein because the body will turn its constituent elements and where the interest lies to the energy burned during training organization inspiratory process and exhale while lifting and leave the weights is very important and slow and focus gives muscle Almamrnh force much larger than the quick play full attention to the positions grab bars stay away from performance efforts muscle or physical and interest high effort and you are on empty stomach Eating at least three full meals before training necessities important for the success of your system training the most important muscles of the body are the stomach muscles are signifier obvious aesthetic body and harmony of Vhafez on performance and finally: the beauty of the body Btanasgah and not its enormity best muscle building supplement

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